Some important links can be found below which will help with navigating your experience as a CCFP-EM

  • PGME Office at Western 
  • – a website of billing and referral resources and forms
  • EM-RAP
  • EM-CASES Vault
  • CCFP-EM exam info 
  • The SGEM features ultra-skeptical local Emergency Physician Dr Ken Milne in a podcast and discussion series produced in our surrounding area!
  • A toxicology blog and PODCAST, The Poison Review is one to follow for all Emergency Medicine keeners in an area oft neglected…..
  • All residents love their academic life. However these residents at ALiEM (Aacdemic Life in EM) have taken their knowledge acquisition paths to the next level and have created a blog-site with all kinds of pearls, articles and cases which will keep you reading for Yonks :))))
  • Now for one from home, check out our POCUS faculty making cool videos with their amazing images at This site also reviews your QPath archiving for you and often links to some cool-ish images.
  • Mike Cadogan and our Australian EM counterparts run a nice EM blog at LITFL (life in the fast lane). Send Mike a shout out on Twitter (@sandnsurf).
  • If you have a lot of time and an even greater thirst for knowledge surf over to for a look at evidence based articles on a variety of EM topics. The “collective knowledge” database is an unlimited repository of EM pearls. Enjoy the extensive repository of information.
  • The boring EM bloggers have a tonne of resources including their educational learning cards and their chalk talks.
  • REBEL EM is an open access journal on emergency medicine and critical care.
  • The International Clinical Educators blog is a good site to learn about teaching in the ED.
  • Check out this POCUS blog/PODCAST series at
  • Check out our career counselling page

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