Social Media

We continue to update our social media sites with a wealth of information and connections to other resources.

Our Facebook page has recently showcased a new seizure guideline chart, a review of hematologic malignancies and a hangout format YouTube video on resident education amongst other links.

Previously we updated the Facebook page with a post on a good read about the ‘EM Mindset’ that one should be cultivating written by our own Canadian colleague Dr Chris Hicks. Also we have just added an example of the instructional videos from the “Flipped EM” YouTube channel. You will also find some articles and readings pointed to from other EM blogs like the new REBEL EM.

Our Twitter links relate to discussions on FOAM as well as highlights of recent or upcoming conferences. medical education events and seminars. on our Twitter activity you will find participants from all areas of medicine discussing important topics. You can connect to our Twitter account directly from this website at any time by clicking the Twitter icon on the right