Please find curriculum tools here below. These will be added as they become available to us

  • Priority topics for the CCFP-EM program can be seen here.
    • The above document must be printed and appropriate encounters relating to the key topics must be jotted down in the document and reviewed at PD meetings
  • Educational and teaching objectives for the CFPC program can be seen here
  • Program enhancements from the latest program review with the residents Jan, 19 2017
  • Curriculum:
  • Self reporting functions. Please read this
    • Procedure log….moving to one45! stay tuned for one45 updates
      • Procedure logs are necessary to complete the requirements of the EM program and to know which procedures are routinely available and attainable versus those that aren’t
      • Note: You need not log procedures you have completed several times
    • EPAs
      • entrusbable professional activities are global expectations of residency training in a CBME model. Please read our EPA’s. At this time we are not logging our EPA’s but you should be able to demonstrate that you have been acquiring the EPA’s through the year.
    • HULC incident report
      • Note: HULC is a surgical rotation. There are expectations to provide care to post-op patients. However, we are willing to hear about any undue tasks you were expected to fulfil.
      • The objectives of the HULC rotation include hand and upper limb learning, plastic surgery learning as it applies to emergency medicine and care of the post-op patient. Please keep this in mind when filling the HULC incident report. All reports will be discussed with the HULC Chair and Chief.
    • Psych teaching module resources

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